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Non residential from £75 per person per day


Residential from £130 per day


All courses are designed bespoke to your requirements so costs may


We can offer a variety of day and residential courses for adults, bespoke to your requirements.


This includes:-

   â€¢  introduction to keeping farm livestock

   â€¢  introduction to smallholding

   â€¢  bring a small piece of furniture and learn how to paint and distress it, wax it or even mend it

   â€¢  Sugarcraft for beginners.

   â€¢  We are also happy for you to do craft and art at your leisure indoors or out on the farm.


Meeting Venue


Our dining room can also double up as a meeting venue if you want to hold a small meeting, maximum 8 people, away from it all.  We can provide all food and refreshments too.


Please tell us what you want and we will design and cost if for you. Move to our web site and find hearts of vegas. Speed up to move you should winning.